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Love the Sun

Wilhelm Simmler: A sunny day at the beach, 1900.

Our skin is our body’s largest organ. We’ve been told for decades that sun exposure causes skin cancer, wrinkles, and cataracts. But sun exposure is not only pleasurable, it also has health benefits that probably exceed any health risks.

In fact, a recent article by the Institute for Natural Healing suggests that sun exposure reduces ones risk of skin cancer. Furthermore, chemical sunscreens (about 95% of all sunscreens) are probably carcinogenic, and some sunscreens contain nanoparticles, which can penetrate into your very cells with unknown health impacts. That’s right: Sunscreen – which is supposed to protect you from cancer – causes cancer. Continue reading

My Siesta: Why Nap When You Can Play?

This has been a sunny and warm winter in Santa Cruz — perfect for beach volleyball.  Yesterday I shut down my computer at 11:45 a.m., hopped on my bike, and headed for the beach to meet my volleyball crew — a great group of men and women age 20s-60s.

I feel blessed indeed since rumor suggests we have the largest consistent mid-weekday volleyball group in California (about 8-16 people year round). I rolled up to the beach around noon and got a game within minutes (I did a few pushups while I waited for enough players to start our third court).

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Putting the Fun in Functional

Workouts mean different things to different people — but they can always be fun.

I like “fun-ctional” workouts. To me fun-ctional means it’s fun, I’m fit, it’s affordable, and it’s good for the planet. For me that looks like regular bicycle commuting, soccer, beach volleyball, martial arts and mixing in other enjoyable activities like hiking or throwing a Frisbee when I want.  I work out my core and a variety of muscle groups in my upper and lower body.

Today I biked over to the local turf field for my noon pickup soccer game. There were some Italian teenagers doing an exchange program in Santa Cruz, so we started a second game with them. The Italians opted to stay together on one team.  I never thought I’d see America beat Italy at soccer — but we did today.

After working up a good sweat during the game (and getting a little Vitamin D via sunshine), I drank my water with fresh-squeezed lime juice and two drops of stevia, and decided to wrap up with a little Interval Training.

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Farmhouse Culture Kraut

Top 5 Health Tips

Optimal health and vitality result from myriad long-term lifestyle choices — but there are a few key habits that can yield amazing results.

• Minimize sugar and grain consumption.
It is now well established that sugar contributes to a number of negative health impacts — fat storage, insulin resistance and diabetes, general inflammation, compromised immunity, and even cancer. That also holds true for grains, which are quickly transformed into sugars in our bodies. (Yes, this includes whole grains, alcohol, soda, and even certain vegetables like potatoes. Health guru Dr. Mercola recommends aiming for less than 25 grams/day of sugars, especially fructose.

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