How to Make Dairyless Kefir

Dairyless kefir is easy to make, good for you, and delicious.

Pop quiz: What is Tibicos? If you guessed an island nation in the Caribbean, or a new organic hot sauce, excellent; but you’re wrong.

Tibicos, often referred to as water kefir grains, is a symbiotic mix of beneficial bacteria and yeast that can be used to create a probiotic- and enzyme-rich raw beverage with impressive health benefits. A friend of mine even claims she cured notoriously-stubborn toenail fungus by consuming homemade water kefir!

Someone I met at a party a couple of weeks ago gave me some kefir grains, and I’ve been making and drinking about 16-plus ounces a day since.

I‘ve tried making other home-brew probiotic beverages (kombucha, jun, dairy kefir)—tibicos is easier and cheaper to make than any of them.

Put about four ounces (by volume) of tibicos grains in a one-quart glass jar with about one quarter  cup of minimally refined sugar (organic, raw sugar for example) and fill to about an inch below the top with unchlorinated water.

Cover with a cloth or loose lid.

That’s it. It’s ready to drink in about 32-56 hours depending on temperature.

You can add acidic fruit such as lemons or limes, or acidic spices such as ginger, for flavor. I especially like lemon and ginger.

You can also make coconut water kefir with these versatile tibicos grains.

This ancient superfood replenishes the flora in your belly, which can help you digest your food and squeeze the vitamins out of the stuff your eating. It can also fight off disease-causing microorganisms.

It’s great at home, and I recommend bringing this distinctive, healthy beverage to parties— it’s a great conversation piece.

Bonus: the grains multiply. After each batch, the culture increases about 50 percent. This means you can share the kefir beverage and the tibicos grains with friends on a regular basis

So share this wonderful elixer with your friends!



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