Karsten Tries Colon Therapy

Colonic hydrotherapy is like chiropractics for your belly.

My gallbladder/liver flush was, well, amazing (like the title of the book The Amazing Gallbladder and Liver Flush.  And, yes, I did pass dozens of gall/liver stones. I plan to do more of these flushes since Andreas Moritz says most of us have hundreds of these stones clogging our liver and gallbladder.

Anyway, as part of my gallblader and liver flush, I did two colonics—one the afternoon of the flush, and another two days after the flush. We’re lucky enough to have many great places to receive colon hydrotherapy here in Santa Cruz. I did mine at the Ivy Wellness Center.

It turns out that humans have been practicing colon therapy for thousands of years. According to Dr. Thomas Dorman: “There are indications from ancient documents that the Egyptians and Greeks practiced colon irrigation therapeutically.”

Since I brush my teeth three times a day and floss daily, it made sense to me that my colon might need a little help now and then.  I guess colonics are more like getting my teeth cleaned by a dental hygienist (which I also did recently).

Various benefits have been ascribed to colonics: improved digestion, increased energy, healthier skin, and better overall health to name a few. Apparently the benefits can result from not only cleansing the colon (which also helps our main cleansing organ, the liver), but also from improving peristalsis (the wavelike muscular contractions that move food through our digestive system), and by stretching, realigning, and restoring the colon when it’s filled with water during colon hydrotherapy (kind of like chiropractic for the colon).

When I arrived for my first appointment, my therapist explained to me what I could expect and answered my many questions. And then we began. Having a stranger insert a tube into my body took a little getting used to, but I felt very comfortable with the colon therapists. As it happens, I also liked that I could see the material being released from my colon—even after several days of fasting—in the glass tube of the machine they used.

Afterward I felt rejuvenated and lighter. And I suspect I’ll enjoy ongoing health benefits. I made sure to restore my colon with some good probiotics afterward. I highly recommend not only the gallbladder/liver flush, but also colon hydrotherapy as a great way to achieve and maintain vibrant health.

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      I did catch wind of what’s happening.
      Keeping alternative therapies legal and safe is an ongoing mission that is paying off.

      Thanks Donna!


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