The Slow Fast

I’m nearing the end of a six-day fast as part of a gallbladder / liver flush. They should call it this a “slow”, ‘cause when you’re fasting, everything seems to slow down.  I mean, you slow down physically and mentally, and it seems like it’s going to be forever before you can eat again.

I also find my senses are intensified while fasting—especially my sense of smell. Case in point: Yesterday, while biking home, I noticed a strange, sweet, honey-like smell as I reached the bottom of my driveway.  I glanced left and saw the beehives on my neighbor’s land, about 35 feet away. I had passed those hives hundreds of times before, but only after not eating for days could I smell the honey they contained—from 35 feet away while biking by at 10 mph.     

During a fast I’m pretty zen, and I become deeply grateful for the abundance of food I have known all my life. I marvel at the restaurants downtown and the amazing fragrances wafting from their kitchens. I vicariously enjoy the succulent pink-and-orange sushi my friend is eating across the table from me. If I do go to a grocery store (to get organic apples for the raw apple juice I drink during some of my cleanses), I’m in awe of all the colors in the produce section, and the aisle after aisle of plenty.

I’m also aware that somehow it’s different—choosing to fast, rather than experiencing the hunger that about a billion people in the world live with daily. There’s a certain comfort in knowing that I could eat if I wanted to. I have money in my wallet and food is all around me. Without the choice it’s just hunger.

As  demonstration of my gratitude for the food I get to eat and as a way to create the world I want—one where people and the planet thrive, I’m donating $25 to one of my favorite charities: Mercy Corps.

You can also help feed hungry people for FREE by simply visiting The Hunger Site and clicking the yellow button. No gimmicks; it takes about 30 seconds and you may just feel good.  Heck, you can do it daily, or several times a day.

Will you take a minute to be present with your gratitude for food?

3 thoughts on “The Slow Fast

  1. Jeannie Collins

    Thank you so much for leading with a good example of fasting. The conversation has come up many times and I felt lacking in skills and time to really help. I forwarded this link to my precious niece. She lost over 100 lbs in the last year and is so beautiful. Just turned 17! What a great time to choose her own healthy path. Surrounded by fast fooders she has her challenges as we all do. Will want to round up healthy chocolate recipes that make sense… to be sustainable on the rebound.

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