Can You Be Vegan and Primal?


Many vegan diets include lots of grains and sugar. Instead, I'm going to eat more avocados!

You’re already familiar with the three main arguments for eating vegan food.
• Environmental: Eating vegan can reduce our ecological footprint.
• Ethical: Eating vegan eliminates killing other animals (or “enslaving” them for milk or eggs)
• Health: Some people believe eating vegan is healthier.

Personally, I believe we each have unique constitutions and that there is no one-size-fits-all diet or lifestyle. That said, I think there are certain foods and lifestyle choices that work well for most people, and I often look to how we evolved and what feels good, based on trial and error, for guidance. I’m always trying new approaches to health, and over the years I’ve tried a lot of things. 

I tried both the vegetarian and the vegan thing years ago.  I didn’t feel very healthy. But I was a typical “grains, soy and sugar” vegan. I ate a lot of organic cereal, whole grains, organic soy products and organic/vegan junk food loaded with sugar. Now I believe sugar, grains, and soy are among the least healthy things I could ingest. No wonder I didn’t feel good on that vegan diet.

But what about the vegetarian diet?  Well, for me (and a lot of vegetarians I know) it was similar to my vegan diet, with some dairy and a few eggs thrown in. And that’s what I did. Yes, lots of (organic) cheese.  Again, I now believe that dairy is not very good for us—except a little raw, grass-fed, organic milk (or kefir from said milk).

So, would a vegan primal diet work? I mean, will I feel great and be optimally healthy on a vegan primal diet? And what would that diet look like?

As part of my primal diet, I already eat a lot of raw/vegan foods, including the ingredients in my raw shake. Well, as part of my upcoming liver-gallbladder-colon flush, I’m gonna try a 99 percent vegan diet for a while before and after the flush to see how I feel. (I may keep taking my krill oil supplement.) But this time I’m doing it differently. No grains, no soy and very little added sweeteners (I may have a little dark chocolate now and then).  So what will I eat?

Of course I’ll continue with my raw shakes. And, instead of the high-quality meat or eggs that I eat now, I’ll add more raw, leafy greens, some spirulina and chlorella (both very high in complete protein), more avocado, more olive and coconut oil, and some hemp seeds (I already eat a variety of other nuts and seeds).

I’m excited about both the flush and trying the “primal vegan” diet.  I’ll let you know how it goes!


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    I do accept as true with all the concepts you’ve offered on your post.

    They are very convincing and can definitely work. Still, the posts are very short for novices.
    Could you please extend them a bit from subsequent time?
    Thanks for the post.


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