Why Cleanse?

I’m passionate about health and always taking it to the next level. But … why cleanse? I mean, much of my health regime is based on modeling my behaviors after our ancestors, and our ancestors didn’t buy $250-$300 cleansing kits with names like Arise and Shine, Blessed Herbs or Ejuva, did they?

The basic theory behind cleansing is that our diets are imperfect and that over the years our digestive system can become “congested” with “mucoid plaque” (yuck!) and gallstones (which can also clog the liver). Most cleanses target the stomach, pancreas, liver, and gallbladder. Some cleanses also attempt to address the kidneys, bladder, lungs, lymph and skin.

When I realize that I floss and brush regularly (and have my teeth cleaned annually), cleansing my innards makes a certain amount of sense. What I can’t see could really hurt me.

Last year I tried a 30-day whole-system “Internal Cleansing Kit” sold by Blessed Herbs (about $275), including a five-day fast. The cleanse was pretty easy until I got to the fast.

I opted for the recommended raw apple juice during the fast, which I pressed daily. Days two, three and four of the fast were actually pretty easy. Days one and five were the most challenging for me.

Some of the purported benefits of cleanses are improved energy, digestion, overall health, mental clarity and reduced food cravings. While I felt good following the cleanse, I didn’t notice any dramatic improvements.

This year I’m trying something I believe to be better than a kit cleanse in three ways. First, it will be more effective at cleansing my body. Second, it ‘s quicker and easier. Finally, more affordable. I’m talking about a type of cleanse called a Liver & Gallbladder Flush, in conjunction with colon hydrotherapy.

The whole process takes about a week, using a few simple ingredients you can buy for less than $20 (some of which you may already have).  My understanding is the Flush is best done with one colonic during and one after. At less than $75 per colonic, that option adds $150 to the cost of the Flush.

I’m using Andreas Mortiz’s book, “The Amazing Liver & Gallbladder Flush” as my guide for this cleanse. Moritz claims that most Americans have hundreds to thousands of gallstones clogging our livers and gallbladders and that this cleanse will remove them. He also says that it be necessary to do this cleanse several times to get all the gall/liver stones out.

According to Moritz, it’s best to do the Flush between the full moon and the new moon — ideally ending on the new moon.  The next new moon is Feb. 21.  So I will begin on or around the 15th, do a colonic around Feb. 20, and do the actual Flush on or around the 21st, followed by a colonic on or around Feb. 22.

I’ll be looking for those gall/liver stones! If this cleanse rocks my world, I’ll post piece on my experience and how to do it.


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