Thank You Santa Cruz Weekly!

Many thanks to writer Tessa Stuart, photographer Chip Scheuer and the Santa Cruz Weekly for this very cool article about yours truly, which ran on the cover of last week’s issue under the headline: “The Healthiest Guy in Santa Cruz.”

Here’s a glimpse:

Mueller says two shifts have fundamentally altered the way humans eat. First was the agricultural revolution, when humans settled down and began cultivating grains and other crops. The second was just in the last few decades. “We started eating vegetable oil and feeding our animals corn and soy—things they didn’t evolve eating.

“’Those were fundamental changes in our diet, and guess what’s been happening since then?’ Mueller asks. ‘People are fatter than ever. Cancer is more common than ever, heart disease.’

“If we want to eat like our ancestors, Mueller says, we ought to be filling our shopping carts with leafy greens, high–quality meats, natural eggs and sources of probiotics like kefir and kombucha. And, he adds, ‘There are key things we should not be eating—like sugar and grains and vegetable oils.‘”

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